Take Away?

In the mood for take away? Enjoy our menu at a 15% discount! Just call or come by!

Welcome to Giro!

We like the spontaneous and want everyone to have the opportunity to eat our Neapolitan pizza when in craving. Therefore, we don’t take table reservations - just come by the restaurant and we’ll look after you!

At Giro we always want to ensure high quality, and since the temprature of the oven makes the pizza ready in less than a minut takeout orders is only available on site.

Gluten free pizza

We put a lot of pride in our gluten-free pizza dough. Even so, our gluten-free pizzas can contain traces of gluten.

We are careful when cleaning kitchen tools and surfaces when we make our pizzas. Nonetheless, we handle large amounts of flour every day and all pizzas are baked in the same oven. Therefore, airborne flour particles can be spread everywhere in the kitchen.

Welcome to our Panuozzo Monday’s

Welcome to our Panuozzo Monday’s, starting November 18th. Panuozzo is like a pizza sandwich. Warm pizza dough, sliced and stuffed with all kinds of goodness. Then, it’s thrown back into the oven to melt all the flavors into one cohesive sandwich. Perfect for take-away and on-the-go. Available on Monday lunchtime. Welcome!